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J. J. Ross Books Presents
The New Comedic Action/Adventure Novel
by Dan Frischman

Best friends Darren Jackson and Jamie Jenks are struggling to become a famous 15-year-old magic duo. The only problem: their tricks always fail, and they sadly lay claim to being the worst magicians ever.

But that’s about to change. A trip to a thrift shop leads them to a mysterious force which turns Jamie into a real magician. Now able to do anything at all, world fame and fortune quickly follow — as well as a world of trouble when they turn the President of the United States into a four-pound rodent.

On the run, the boys must evade the police and the FBI, not to mention a tyrannical fellow magician, before their luck runs out — forever.

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Early praise for Jackson & Jenks:

"Frischman crafts an exciting, whimsical story that will entertain adults and children... A madcap tale with zany twists and turns."

-- Kirkus Reviews (click here for full review)

"It's a great book for parents and kids to read together, or for imaginative kids to read on their own."

-- Chicago Tribune Reader's Forum ( click here for full review)

"Dan Frischman has penned a hilarious madcap adventure. Jackson and Jenks aren't the only master magicians here — Frischman masterfully keeps readers on the edge of their seats, and leaves them smiling and wanting more."

-- Wendy Mass, author of Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life and Heaven Looks a Lot Like a Mall.

"When a pair of teens acquire accidental magic, mayhem, pratfalls and plot twists ensue. A laugh-filled joyride for your own adolescent, whether it's still living inside you or in the kitchen eating all the leftovers."

-- Alan Gordon, author of Jester Leaps In and the Fools' Guild Mysteries.

"Dan Frischman has a gift for writing funny characters who are easy to relate to. Teen magicians Jamie and Darren experience the highest highs and the strangest lows—but in the end, it's the true friends we make along the way who become our greatest treasures."

-- Kimberly Greene, author of My Sister’s a Pop Star.